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Business and Corporate Law

Chen Law Office is dedicated to provide its business clients full scope of experience and expertise required to ensure its clients’ commercial transactions comply with law and advance their business goals. Its business law service includes:

Business Formation o Incorporation/ Sole Proprietorship/Partnership/ Joint Ventures
o Registration of Business and Partnership
o Record Maintenance

Corporate Structure to minimize tax implications

o Holding Companies
o Share Provisions

Drafting, Reviewing and Negotiating various Commercial Agreement, including

o Shareholders Agreement
o Partnership Agreement
o Confidentiality and Non-competition Agreements
o Joint Venture Agreement
o Commercial Leases
o Independent Contractor Agreement
o Employment Agreement


o Selling and Purchasing a Franchise Store
o Conducting due diligence of a Franchisor on behalf on a Franchisee
o Drafting and reviewing franchise, licence, distributorship and dealer agreements, and all related documentation
o Assisting the Business Owners to become a Franchisor